Do you have any questions regarding Instagram automatic likes? check our FAQ and you probably ind your answer.If you didn’t find it here,click on “Contact Us” button and submit your question to our contact form.We will answer back ASAP.

What is Automatic Instagram Likes?

Automatic likes for Instagram is a service that deliver likes to any new post you will make.You choose the likes amount and you will get them to each and every new picture or video you will post on your Instagram profile.

Real accounts High quality profile for automatic likes.

These accounts are real,managed by our team and it is high quality.All accounts have many posts (not only 5-6) and the followers/following ratio is normal (not 10 followers/1k following).If you want to get the real promotion on Instagram that’s for you.

What is the meaning of "per post" or "per day" auto likes?

We are giving you the option to choose either to subscribe and promote your posts for a desirable time duration or posts number.It’s up to you and your needs.

What is manual comments and what is fast comments for Instagram?

I check Auto Renew,now what?

If you check auto renew for your service,when your first cycle finish we will contact with you to inform you that it’s time for renew and if you agree we will set up an automatic renewal gateway from now on.

I just complete my check out,when will my subscription start?

Usually we are on the office and we will start it after minutes.There will be some times that we might need more because we probably live in different time zone.What we suggest is to wait until you receive an email from us that will inform you that you are ready to post and your service details(start/end date).

How long does it take to start my likes coming?

For cheap low quality accounts the time we need is 10-15 minutes. For the real accounts time will usually be more then 10 minutes.

Sometimes it might have a delay caused by system update or because Instagram servers are not allowing us to check your profile for posts or many other factors.Please be patient and if you don’t get likes after 12 hours contact with us to check the reason.

Is there any conditions that must be kept for my account?

You must have your profile public and if you change your profile name you need to declare it to us from our contact form.

What about refunds?

If your order start and you want a full refund,we will not accept it cause you pay for a service and someone has put effort to do it that cannot take it back. But we can give you a partially refund.

Can you removelikes and/or comments cause i don't want them anymore?

NO we cannot.Please before you make an order you can contact us if you are not sure and ask for a trial to avoid bad situations.